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Because Urinary Health Support Bundle provides maximum support from two different angles.

The Urinary Tract Support supplement attacks E. Coli infections right where they happen - D-Mannose prevents bacteria from latching on, keeping infections at bay.

The Feminine Probiotic Support contains Lactobacilli and 10 proven probiotic strains to promote optimal vaginal health in addition to digestive and immune well-being.

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The Complete Bundle

For maximum support

Urinary Tract Support

Reduces UTIs

Probiotic Support

Promotes vaginal health

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Mary L.

August 2020, Alabama 

The Complete Bundle

Haven’t had a UTI in months! I can’t believe how much these products have helped me.

Sally R.

August 2020, California

Urinary Tract Health Support

The supplement bundle is perfect for me. It's much easier and more effective than cranberry juice.

Carol R.

June 2020, Illinois 

Feminine Probiotic Support

Love this!! I finally have my UTIs under control!

Kelly R.

May 2020, Nebraska 

Urinary Tract Health Support

Have had UTI issues on and off for several years and worked with a medical provider - nothing has worked quite like this.

Elise F.

May 2020, Wyoming

Urinary Tract Health Support

After 6 back-to-back UTIs, I started using this product concurrent with my doctor's last ditch antibiotic and I'm UTI free.

Barbara B.

March 2020, Wisconsin

The Complete Bundle

I figured it was just another medical scam but was willing to try anything. I have used it for 2 months and have not had a single UTI.

Marcelene J.

January 2020, Florida 

Feminine Probiotic Support

My over all experience has been awesome. Super convenient being that it is delivered.

Sarah M.

January 2020, Alabama

Urinary Tract Health Support

My life was so different before using these products! I no longer live in fear of bladder infections - amazing.

Julie M.

January 2020, Louisiana 

Feminine Probiotic Support

I am only two weeks in to trying this, but I have noticed a difference already. I think it is helping to balance out my body,







"The supplement bundle is perfect for me. It's much easier and more effective than cranberry juice."

Sally R., California (August 2020)