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  • Why do you collect my credit card for the Free trial?

    We do this for your convenience. Most people like the starter pack and want to receive monthly refills of our underwear and pads, so we collect your payment info ahead of time. If you want to cancel monthly shipments just let us know.

  • Are your underwear and pads scented? Do they contain latex?

    No, all of our underwear and pads are unscented. We’ve built in superior odor control into all of our products so chemical scents are not needed. And all of our underwear, pads and guards are 100% latex-free.

  • Do the pieces absorb quickly?

    Yes, our products absorb quickly and we are constantly testing in a lab to make sure they absorb faster than anything else on the market. They are designed to keep you protected whether you leak a little or empty your bladder all at once. Also, it’s not just about rapid absorption - you also want to stay protected from leaks. Our Premium Underwear have double leak guards around the leg opening to provide an extra level of protection. And our Premium Pads feature side leak guards to make sure that even a wet pad can stop leaks. Finally, you want products that don’t make you feel wet when you’re asleep or before you can make a change. Our products are all designed to stay dry and draw the moisture away from your body quickly, keeping you dry.

  • Is the underwear bulky? Do the pads show?

    No, we’ve designed our products for maximum performance and ultimate discretion. Our protective underwear is slim and fits snugly against the body, and our pads and guards fit securely and discreetly into your own underwear.

  • What if the products in my Free Trial aren’t working for me?

    We have a wide assortment of product types, sizes and absorbency to suit almost any situation. Our favorite part of what we do is working with customers to find the right fit for their needs and routine. Please reach out and we’ll work together to find you something new to try!

  • Can I change sizes from what is showing up in my upcoming refills?

    Yes, your refills are completely customizable - what you receive, how much, and how often. Once you’re a customer you’ll have access to an easy customer portal where you can switch products and sizes. Or feel free to call, text or email our helpful Customer Care agents and they would be happy to assist.

  • How long before my first refill arrives?

    We ship with FedEx SmartPost from both coasts. You should receive your Free Trial within 7 business days, and will see an estimated delivery date based on where you live in your first confirmation email from us.

  • Why do you collect my credit card for the Free Trial?

    We do this for convenience. The products in the free trial work for most people and they want to receive monthly refills of our underwear and pads. If you want to cancel monthly shipments, or change what you’re receiving, just let us know.

10,341 3rd Party Verified Reviews 

"I searched and purchased a half dozen different panty pull ups. And Willow far outweighs in style comfort and leak proof. I recommend anyone searching for the right fit and comfort to START with WILLOW by Because! " 

"Willow by Because is comfortable, doesn’t show through my white jeans, and works like a charm for my incontinence, Also easy to pack when traveling, Very absorbent. Love them. "

"My medical condition requires me to take extra diuretics - plus having incontinence. These overnight style Women's Underwear fashions help keep my outer clothing dry all day. (I haven't been able to do this for quite a while.)"

"I have to say that Because has gone above and beyond anyone else I’ve ever dealt with. I am working to deal with my issues and they have bent over backwards to try to accommodate my needs and I think we finally got it right. The personal service is unbelievable."

"When I went to order a month's supply for my grandmom, she said they were tight, so we ordered a larger size. Image our surprise when they leaked. I called Because and they told me that they need to be tight so they don't leak. They dropped a box into the mail that day for us, FREE OF COST! And got our business for life. Thanks Because for being a company with old-fashioned customer service."

Absorbenc....         As expected 

Fit                        True to size 



Archer  Verified Buyer

I was afraid when II was afraid when I wore my 1st pair. I just knew I was going to soak the bed clear through. So I took 3 of the blue pads and place them on the mattress, then another 3 blue pads on top of the mattress cover. When I awoke and the bed was dry, I knew I had a winner. Thank you for your engineering expertise. You guys are the best!!!

Reviewed on:   Because Underwear for Women (Overnight+)


Kris  Verified Buyer

........and I never
They say you're never too old to learn and I believe them now. For years I wore the best of the best (or so they say).
I made myself a recluse the day I had an accident on an $800.00 chair. I saw your ad, sent for my trial box and never looked back! This 'ol grey mare may be
wrinkled and toothless but I AM DRY!
Dry & loving it,Read more about review stating ........and I never

Reviewed on:   Because Underwear for Women (Overnight+)


Debi  Verified Buyer

Best Discovery EVER!!!
Urinary incontinence can cause so much damage to your body image, but this underwear makes such a difference! The absorbency and dependability is SO MUCH better than I could find in retail stores, and I thank God I found this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed on:   Because Underwear for Women (Overnight+)


Bertie P.  Verified Buyer

They work great
I especially like the fact that the pad runs high from front to back. I also like the fact that if I slightly use it when I pull it back up it doesn’t fell wet! The only time they don’t work well is when I absolutely flood.

Reviewed on:   Because Classic Underwear for Women (Maximum)


Vera  Verified Buyer

I like the products but 
I like the products but I wish that they had a quilted pad area similar to the diaper that I had to wear during my recent hospitalization. This prevents the bunching effect that these garments have when worn.

Reviewed on:   Hexa Victoria - Underwear for Women with Odor Control


Mary W.  Verified Buyer

Because they work
I really do like these underwear. They are very absorbent. I would recommend the to any woman who requires this added protection.

Reviewed on:   Because Underwear for Women (Overnight+)


Steven  Verified Buyer

Because overnight
The overnight hold a huge amount of liquid. They fit well and don’t leak. The best products I’ve found.

Reviewed on:   Because Underwear for Women (Overnight+)

Better Absorbency - by the numbers:

Because Overnight Underwear against top competitors




Because Market’s ComfortSeal technology allows 37% more absorbency while keeping a sleek, crinkle-free design.

Comfort-first Approach

Feels and looks like regular underwear.

Sensitive-skin safe (latex-free + fragrance-free)

Tear-away side seams for easy removal

Locks in odor, so you can move with confidence

Dermatologist tested materials

Built with you in mind

Our founder, Alexi, started Because Market after dozens of trips to drugstores on behalf of his grandmother. Wanting only the best products for his family, he often turned up empty handed. Because was created with a simple promise: affordable, high-quality products that work. You might not be our Nana or Papa, but we’re as committed to you as we are to them.

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Because Market’s ComfortSeal technology allows 37% more absorbency while keeping a sleek, crinkle-free design.